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Our Programs

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Outdoor Play

All children will enjoy Outdoor time twice daily on our playground. Please make sure that your children come prepared to spend a minimum of 1 hour outside at a time. Outdoor time is evaluated on a case by case basis during extreme weather conditions.

Free Play

Play is the essential work of childhood, worthy of respect and encouragement.
Play is the way children process what they are learning. It is how children discover for themselves what we cannot teach them. Children at play are busy people, involved and active, making the world theirs for a time: building up, knocking down, making things happen. There are some free play times within the daily routine.

Healthy Lunch and Snacks

Healthy eating is important and valued at the Huntsville Daycare. Your child will receive two healthy snacks and a well-rounded lunch each day. All of the food is prepared on-site and rotates through a multi-week menu. Allergies and dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.

Circle Time

Circle time involves planned activities which include weather, calendar, storytelling, songs, finger plays, science experiments, cooking and creative art projects. Circle time involves all children and is planned around the children’s interests.

Rest Time

There is a rest period in the afternoon for our Toddler and Jr. Preschool classroom.   We encourage parents to bring their child’s favorite blanket to assure complete security for their child while they rest.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
7:00 am to 5:00pm


65 Rogers Cove Dr,
Huntsville, ON P1H 2L9


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