Is the daycare licensed, unlicensed or private?

The Huntsville Co-operative Nursery School and Day Care Centre is a licensed centre-based childcare facility. The District Municipality of Muskoka is responsible for Muskoka’s Child Care system and our daycare is governed by the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

What are your Hours of Operation? What is the drop-off and pick-up window? Is there a formal late policy?

The Huntsville Co-operative Nursery School and Day Care Centre is open from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We are closed all Statutory Holidays.  Any other closings will be posted. Our daycare center is governed by the regulations of the Ministry of Education and our license is based on specific hours of operation.

Due to these regulations, parents cannot drop off their child/children before 7:00 a.m. and parents are required to pick up their child/children before 5:00 p.m.  There will be a charge of $50.00 if you have dropped off or picked up your child/children early or late.

What are the daily fees?

Current Fee Schedule: 

Junior/Senior Preschool Program

First child:                          $40.00 Daily Rate
Second child:                     $37.00 Daily Rate
Third, etc.:                          $35.00 Daily Rate

Toddler Program             

First child:                          $42.00 Daily Rate (18 months +)              $46.00 Daily Rate  (Under 18 months)
Second child:                     $39.00 Daily Rate  (18 months +)              $43.00 Daily Rate   (Under 18 months)

An additional daily charge of $3.00 per child will apply for any child that is in our care for more than 10 hours each day.  A discounted rate will apply when two (2) or more children are enrolled in the Preschool/Toddler program. Fees are subject to change with notice.

What’s the staff-to-child ratio in each room?

The staff to child ratio in our Junior rooms is 1:8 and in the Toddler Room is 1:5

How does your waitlist work?

The daycare waitlist is managed by the Program Director.  Once space is available, the Program Director will contact you directly to advise you of the next steps. We require the following information for our Waiting List:  the date which the parent/guardian called, parent/guardian’s first and last name, contact numbers (home/cell or work) and/or e-mail address, child’s name, date of birth, any allergies or community agencies involved, how often is care required, when looking to start. If there are any changes to parent/guardian’s contact information they need to inform the daycare so their information can be up to date.

We have three age categories on our Waiting List:  Toddlers under 18 months, Toddlers 18 months to 2 ½ and Preschool 2 ½ to 5.  If a child is on the waiting list and their age changes to the next category they will be added to the next age category under the original date that they called. There are no guarantees as to when space will come available. Once a family is called from the Waiting List they are given a specific time frame to return the call (2-3 days generally) to express continued interest in the space.

Once your child is officially offered space and you would like to accept it, an up to date immunization record or affidavit is needed (a copy to go to the health unit and one for the day care records).  We require a non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 and a $200.00 deposit or two weeks of parent/guardian subsidy fee (which is returned to invoice after 3 months of good payment history).

We then set up a visit with the family prior to a child starting.   If more visits are required then we may do so to help the child adjust to the daycare environment.  The parent/guardian will be given the enrollment package along with policies and procedures.  When the parent/guardian is called for a space and do not wish to take the space at that time, we can keep the child on our waiting list contacting the parent/guardian at a later date or we can remove the child from the list.

Are there any all-daycare vacation weeks or holiday closings?

The daycare is closed on all Statutory Holidays. The statutory holiday rate will apply according to the number of days your child/children attends daycare during the month.  Also to note, if a Statutory holiday falls on the weekend, we will be closed another day during the week in lieu of these days and we still need to cover our staff wages.  This rate applies to all children.

The rate fee will be based on a percentage as follows:

5 days attendance per week:  100% Program Day Rate
4 days attendance per week:    75% Program Day Rate
3 days attendance per week:    50% Program Day Rate
2 days attendance per week:    25% Program Day Rate

Are healthy lunches and snacks provided? How often does the menu change?

All children will have two healthy snacks and lunch each day. The menu is posted in the daycare, on our Himama platform and is on a three week rotation.  Our daycare follows the recommendations set by the Canadian Food Guide.

What should my child bring to Daycare each day?

Clothing and Possessions

Due to our changing seasons, please ensure proper clothing for indoor and outdoor play.  Please label all articles of your child’s clothing.  In case of an accident or messy play, we request a full change of clothes to be brought to the center.

Recommendations for various seasons:

Snowsuit, winter boots
Hat and scarf
2 pairs of mittens

Splash pants
Rain boots
2 pairs of mittens

Sun hat
Sun glasses (optional)
Rain boots
Non-aerosol sunscreen
Water bottles

Sunscreen is a necessity for the children here at our center as we are outside twice per day, weather permitting.

Do the kids take two naps a day or one?

Children in the Toddler program and in the Jr Room with sleeping children will sleep once in the afternoon just after lunch.  All children sleep on an individual cot and must bring their own crib sheet and blanket which will be need to be taken home at the end of each week to wash. If your child will be starting in the Toddler program it is best to transition them to one nap prior to entry.

When do most kids move up from the toddler room to the preschool room, thus freeing up spots for new babies or toddlers?

Typically there is turnover in September, when the oldest kids leave daycare to start Junior Kindergarten.  As children become of age to move up to the next class we will move them once space is available.

Is there an outdoor space? How often do the children play outside in a day?

Yes, we have an outdoor space that can accommodate 26 children at a time.  All children will get to go outside two times daily for a total of 2- 3 hours, weather permitting.

What is the illness policy?

When your child is scheduled and becomes ill, these days are still invoiced. You are allowed 4 reduced rate sick days per calendar year.  These days cannot be accumulated from year to year.

When your child has attended the daycare for three (3) months, you will be given a reduced sick day rate. If your child is ill, please call to inform us of your child’s illness (signs and symptoms) through a message by phone (leave a message on phone after hours) or e-mail

Any child that has been vomiting or has had diarrhea must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning back to daycare.  Please ask at the office for other sickness restrictions.

What is your Medication Policy?

The daycare will dispense medication ONLY when meeting the following criteria:

  1. Medication must be in the original package from the pharmacy and doctor prescribed.
  2. Medication must be labeled clearly from the pharmacy with only the child’s name on it, dosage amount and how often to receive it.
  3. Parents must sign a form giving authorization to dispense medication which includes name of medication, date of purchase, instructions for storing, dosage and how often.
  4. Medication must be kept in a locked box and refrigerated if required.
  5. Only the Executive Director or designate in charge will administer the medication to thechild, then record the time given and dosage on the medical form.
  6. Over the counter cream can be applied along with written permission from parents, any symptoms to look for and what time to be applied.
  7. If your child requires Tylenol/Advil, a separate parent form must be signed by both parents with a description of symptoms we are to watch for before administering. Must have pharmacy label with child’s name and dosage attached to medication.
  8. If your child has a condition that would require immediate attention, a medic alert  bracelet is advised if medical attention is required. (I.e. Epi-pen, diabetes, etc.)

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
7:00 am to 5:00pm


65 Rogers Cove Dr,
Huntsville, ON P1H 2L9


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